Denton Music Workshop offers complete music education on all instruments, full music production facilities, and state of the art rehearsal capabilities for any musical style and genre. Created with the musician in mind, we aim to provide the student, working musician, or creative genius the tools and skills they need to find success at any level.

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The Idea 
We love Denton and being  invloved in many cultural and social facets of the town.  We wanted to start a different kind of music hub where musicians could gather and be creative, students could learn in a unique environment, and bands could rehearse and record.  So we opened up our cozy and centrally-located studio, where we recorded the last Midlake album, Antiphon, to share our love of music to a new generation of musicians, young and old.


"No adult ever regrets having taken music lessons as a kid. They only regret not having taken them."

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