Group Classes offered at Denton Music Workshop


Group classes meet for 1 hour per week. Each class can have up to  5 students max with a minimum 3 students per class.  

  •  2 - 4  hours of instruction per session - (4 week) session - Email for rate. 

Interested in a group class? To sign up for  a group class please email us at 


Beginner Piano Group Class


Students will learn the fundamentals of Piano.   Note identification on the keyboard, note reading on Treble Clef,  basic technique and simple melodies.   


Beginner Guitar Group Class


Students will learn the fundamentals of Guitar.  String and fret identification, note reading on Treble Clef, basic technique and simple chords/melodies.


Beginner Drum Group Class


Students will learn the fundamentals of rhythm. Basic Rudiments and stick patterns.  Basic Drum notation reading and basic drumset playing.

Intermediate Piano Group Class


Students will learn reading on Treble and Bass Clef, intermediate technical skills ( scales, arpeggios, finger exercises), fundamentals of improvisation, and music theory.  Intermediate popular songs and classical repertoire.


Intermediate Guitar Group Class


Students will learn Intermediate reading on Treble Clef,  technical exercises including scales and arpeggios, Music Theory and fundamentals of Improvisation, Barre Chords, Fret Identification, Intermediate popular and classical/jazz repertoire

Intermediate Drum Group Class


Students will learn rudiments of drumming and fundamental stick patterns, Phrasing and improvisation on drum set, role of drum set in ensemble playing, intermediate popular/jazz repertoire

Beginner Voice Group Class


Learn Fundamentals of the Voice.  How to breathe when singing,  training your ears to match correct pitch, basic Treble Clef reading, simple scales and melodies.

Intermediate Voice Group Class


Students will learn how to stylize the voice based on genre of music,  intermediate technique with scales, intervals, arpeggios and ear training.  Popular, Classical, and Jazz repertoire

Beginner Ensemble Group Class


Students will learn how to play in ensemble format,  Understanding roles of the instruments by style and genre, beginning improvisation and ability to listen and have musical conversation with instrument.  Popular/Jazz repertoire.  Recording of performances in studio. 

Intermediate Ensemble Group Class


Students will learn how to play in ensemble format.  Emphasis on improvisation, style, and original composition.  Understanding role of instrument based on style and genre, music as language. Recording of performances.

Recording 101 - Group Class


Students will learn basic recording techniques. How to use a Tape Machine, Mixing Desk, Mic Placement, Signal Path, How to choose the right Mic for the sound you want, and Editing.