For Immediate Release 1/06/2015

Denton Music Workshop

Denton Music Workshop: A new hub for all things music. 

"No childhood is complete without music lessons, and no band is complete without a comfortable and reliable place to work."
The Denton Music Workshop (DMW) is a brand new hub for all things music, conveniently located in downtown Denton, Texas. It began as a recording studio for the internationally-acclaimed band, Midlake, and now, thanks to bandmates Eric Nichelson and Jesse Chandler, has morphed into an original and different kind of music studio altogether. It is part music school, part rehearsal space for bands, part recording studio, and all about capturing the creativity that emanates from the very pores of its namesake, Denton.

Nichelson and Chandler want to create a place where they can pour all that they have gleaned from years of touring the world into teaching lessons and helping bands to rehearse and record. "We have this great, cozy space right off the Denton Square, that Midlake haven't been using since completing our last album Antiphon there, and we thought it would be a great idea to let the people of Denton in on it," says Nichelson, who attended UNT for music and is a proud father of three budding musicians. "Giving back to the town that has given us so much is extremely important," says Chandler, a graduate of the New School/Mannes College of Music in Manhattan and also a father of two. "We also feel that our experience of playing live, recording and teaching all different kinds of music over the years gives us a large fount of knowledge from which to draw."
The studio itself is a thing of beauty. Decorated in a mid-century modern design with old lamps and vintage amps, the walls are adorned with posters from bands Midlake have toured with, from Band of Horses, to Pearl Jam and the Flaming Lips. Sepia-toned curtains and orange-yellow chairs give the space a comfortable feel. To complete the studio, state-of-the-art musical equipment include a 1970s-era Soundcraft mixing desk, a Hobart and Cable piano, many vintage guitars and basses, a 1966 Ludwig drumset, and a wide selection of vintage Harmony, Silvertone and Vox amps. Add to these an array of auxiliary gear plus a full PA and you have quite an arsenal to choose from when looking to rehearse for an upcoming show or tour. The Denton Music Workshop's signature style is truly one-of-a-kind; according to Chandler, "it's not like a doctor's office, a kindergarten, or a typical rock school. It's a new thing entirely!"
The Denton Music Workshop currently offers private and group lessons in guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, synthesizer, organ, flute, saxophone and clarinet. Says Nichelson, "Versatility is an important thing for us. We have studied and played numerous concerts in many different genres of music: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, the list goes on, so we're ready to go in whatever direction the student wants, even if it's a mixture of styles." Chandler adds, "Our teaching philosophy is that we like to tailor our teaching to fit the individual needs and learning style of the student, whether they're 5 years old, or 55. No adult ever regrets having taken music lessons as a child, they only regret not having taken them!"
Students at Denton Music Workshop will benefit from the adaptability and variety of the studio and its teachers. Studying a primary instrument does not preclude a student from dabbling in other important areas of music education; for example, a guitar student who wants to learn about recording can easily do so as part of their lesson schedule. There will also be rock bands formed of DMW students which will meet weekly and be directed by our teachers. Repertoire will include classic and modern songs, as well as original songs by students. These bands will also have the unique opportunity to record at DMW using the professional recording setup. Special workshops and master classes will be offered in the coming months; topics include songwriting, music history, recording, film scoring, music theory/composition, and music business. Guest artists will be brought in to give small concerts. There will be regular recitals held at music venues around Denton, as well as smaller shows in the studio featuring the student bands. Finally, a music film series is planned.
Located along the burgeoning "Music Row" section of North Locust, home to Panhandle House studios and the Brave Combo studio, the Denton Music Workshop is poised to become an integral part of the thriving Denton music scene and ensure that it will continue to thrive into the next generation!


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